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Save our countryside from bulldozers and savage local transport cuts

Roads being built, local bus services

On 1 December, the Government set out the biggest road-building programme since the 1970s.

Over a thousand miles of new and widened roads threaten swathes of countryside, including our most precious National Parks, Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Green Belt.

Savage cuts to local transport
But a return of bulldozers is not the only threat the countryside now faces. To pay for the tripling of spending on major roads, local authorities face savage cuts to local transport budgets.

Buses, road safety, cycling schemes as well as road maintenance will be slashed to the bone. The countryside will become increasingly cut off to those without a car, particularly at evenings and weekends. Widened motorways will get smoother surfaces while our local roads crumble.

When the Government took power in 2010, it was sustainable travel rather than damaging road expansion that was in the manifestos. Now they seem more intent on listening to big business and the roads lobby.

Make your voice heard, write to your MP
We need to do everything we can to stop a return to major road-building. Protecting the the air we breathe, the fields we walk in with our families and England’s ancient landscape.

By taking action you can send a message to your MP that we need a change of direction on transport. Send the letter that we’ve provided for you to your MP today and stand up for our countryside.

Together we can save the countryside 

Write to your MP

Please help us to get a change of direction on transport to save our countryside from damaging road schemes at the expense of local transport. To help you we have drafted a letter you can email, please feel free to amend it and give examples where you live.

Your name and your MP's name will be added automatically when your letter is sent.  


Please fill in your contact details so that your MP knows who has sent the letter.

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