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We all want to take more responsibility for our planet – it’s our home, nature’s home, and home to the most beautiful landscapes. But littered bottles and cans are found everywhere, polluting our countryside, streets, rivers and oceans.

We campaign for the best solutions to this pollution. And the world’s best deposit return systems – where you pay a small amount when you buy a drink and get it back when you return it – can drastically reduce litter and increase recycling rates up to 97%. That’s why we want the very best system for England.

What's happening now?

The great news is that, after 10 years of campaigning, the government has agreed to introduce a deposit return system in England – and are deciding on its design right now. The bad news is that many vested interests, from drinks companies to the packaging and waste industries, are lobbying the government to limit the system and make it less effective – just so they can keep putting their profits before solutions.

While the consultation is open, let’s use this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to show environment secretary Michael Gove that he has the support for a world-leading deposit return system from as many people as possible.

Please add your voice to support our Golden Rules for the new scheme.

CPRE’s Golden Rules

We want a deposit return system that:

  • includes all sizes of bottle, can and carton.
  • includes all materials – aluminium, plastic, glass and Tetrapak.
  • is accessible for all, regardless of mobility or other considerations.
  • is paid for by the drinks manufacturers.
  • is UK-wide.
  • is carbon neutral, with no impact on climate change.
  • boosts the UK recycling sector, with any new plants being built on brownfield first.
  • works alongside other solutions to reduce waste and increase recycling.

If you'd like more information about why our Golden Rules are so important, please see here.

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