Stop the government silencing local people: write to your councillors

The government is on the back foot. Their damaging plans to dismantle the planning system have faced a barrage of opposition from MPs.  

And we're hearing that local councillors are up in arms too. This is no surprise - government policies in recent years have continually handed power to developers, while councils have lost out from budget cuts and bypassed democracy. 

Our local representatives need to show their opposition to ministers before it’s too late - will you ask them to add their names to our open letter defending local planning? 

Local councils are already struggling to deliver for our communities, but these new proposals will only accelerate this trend - damaging nature, the countryside and ultimately, all of us. 

That’s why we’ve written an open letter to the Housing Secretary for councillors to sign. It outlines the problems with the current plans and lays out a vision for what’s needed instead.  

We need councillors all across the country to stand together and demand the government takes a new approach. The more that sign, the bigger the impact it’ll have. 


Please start by entering your address to find your local councillors.